The Courtade's Register which a private individual (a lecturer) is the only keeper.

This picture was spontaneously sent to me after the release of the study about the circular stone on www.opoul.com.
Laid on the left page, the photograph of the alleged Tomb 1, presented in conferences.
Laid on the right page, a photograph of a cavity with a vaguely hexagonal shape.
This layout suggests the Tombs 1 and 2 indicated on the Saunière's Model.

a comparison with the same objects photographed today.
On left, a circular stone studied in www.opoul.com and on right a cavity without interest near Opoul (PG)
The comparison with the previous photo shows that this is the same 2 places.

The Courtade's Register open on pages 116 to 117,
on which were laid the 2 pictures suggesting the Tombs 1 and 2 listed on the Saunière's Model.

Coverage of the publication in which a cavity is presented suggesting that this is the tomb 2

Page 8 illustrations of the publication RLC No. 1 in 1999.
The cavity is layout with the so-called Saunière's Model and some currencies found on a site specified by the model.

On the left, magnification of page 8 illustrations of the preview picture (publications laid on a living-room table)
The caption of the photo with the cavity with a vaguely hexagonal shape says:
Entrance of a cavity on a site indicated by the model.
This cavity is NOT on the site indicated by the so-called model
The word "Entrance" suggests that we could venture inside or it is a cave.
On the right, a recent picture of the same place: It is nothing, the cavity is 1 meter deep at most.

On the left, magnification and alteration of the perspectives of the picture laid on the Courtade's Register (see top of this page)
On the right, a recent picture of the same place (PG)

On the left, a photograph of the photograph of the alleged Tomb 1, presented as it in conferences and in a censored film.
This photo has been used many times with closes and private meetings
(the table-cloth which appears underneath the photo proves that it has been taken from the lecturer's home and therefore on its invitation)
On the right, the same feature studied on www.opoul.com

Abstract of an illegal movie presented on internet


For several years a researcher completes its conferences with the image of the circular stone saying that crossing the datas provided by the Cassini's Card of the Opoul-Périllos territory, those of the so-called Abbot Saunière's Model and those from the Courtade's Register, you can locate this thing, suggesting that this is the Tomb 1 shown on the model.
On this model, the Tomb 1 is rated "Christ's Tomb" (Tombeau du Christ).

But in reality, this circular stone is not at all located inside the limited area of the so-called model. Moreover, a geological study visible on www.opoul.com indicates that this natural geological feature is dated from Tertiaire (Cretaceous) long before the emergence of homo-sapiens. The photograph of this circular stone has been shown many times in my presence, either in conference or in private meetings and given to the directors of a film about Rennes-Le-Château finally censored and never published.

The second photo showing a cavity vaguely hexagonal shaped was published in a suggesting context that this is the Tomb 2 designated as the "Joseph d'Arimathie's Tomb" on the so-called Saunière's Model. The caption of the picture says that this cavity is on the site indicated by Saunière's Model, but it is not the case.

A layout developed by this researcher/lecturer uses the Courtade's Register "open" with two photos laid, suggesting that they are Tombs 1 and 2 of the so-called Saunière's Model. Hypothesis issued by this lecturer interest many people who don't live near the area concerned and cannot check the sources or locate places that are used to support his theories.

Courtade - Tombe 1 - Tombe 2

It is interesting to notice that:

- The researcher has never explained the reasons for these layouts.
02 - The researcher has always said that one of the tombs is open (the Tomb 2) and the other is closed (the Tomb 1)
03 - There is no other description, drawing or photograph of the alleged Tomb 1 (closed) than the one above
04 - There is no other description, drawing or photograph of the alleged Tomb 2 (opened) than the one above
05 - According to the researcher, "Grotte de la Caune" in Périllos provides an access to "Arimathie's Tomb" (Tomb 2)
06 - Tomb 2 is supposed to have been shown during a Frontier Symposium in Amsterdam (photo and video according to a particular source)
07 - None of these two objects are located inside the limited area of the so-called Saunière's Model
- The keeper of Courtade's Register has never released the alleged page containing the words "Tombe" and "Royale"
09 - According to this researcher, this page has been taken off the Register for security reasons.
10 - Courtade's Register being numbered, he has never provided the number of this missing page or showed the missing space.
11 - The researcher is not able to provide a full page from the Courtade's Register translated in good french.

Pascal Guillaumes

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